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viernes, 13 de junio de 2014

Back at Home


As many of you have noticed in the last few days, I returned from Poland last week. This first two weeks at home have been hard for me for obvious reasons, once you have tasted all the freedom of living abroad with nothing to care about going back home is quite hard.

The experience in Poland has been amazing, I've had the chance to know a lot of new places, food and men, lots of men, being Spanish in the countries in the north of Europe is a good plus for meeting blue eyed blonde guys. But even more than meeting and dating foreigners, the most amazing thing of living abroad is the freedom that you have living by yourself, which encourages me to try this experience again, hopefully, in a near future.

The situation is getting more stable now, so I'm getting back to my normal life. I have some post in mind that I hope I can write this sunday, to recover the Sunday's Star section of the blog, so as the short story section with some kinky and hard tale.

Thor is also working in translating some of the posts which are not in English, and now that I am writing I realize that I have to meet with him, I haven't seen him in months!  hahahaha.

I will return to the activity soon so stay tuned for new posts.

Greetings and till the next post ;D

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