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lunes, 23 de junio de 2014

Birthday Thoughts and Decisions

Hi there.

As many of  you know (and if not, better late than never) today is my birthday. People often tell me that I should be happy this day, but actually is one of the days I feel more indifferent about. After I had some problems with my straight friends in my town which lead to not having any type of contact with them from that point on, I stopped caring about this day and enjoying it in a different way. 

To be 24 years old, and even more than that, to have had 24 birthday days allows you to come to some conclusions:

- We are happy to be one year old, but shouldn't we be worried about having one less year to live? (Thanks Kyle XY)

- The social pressure makes the people who hasn't even shared a word with you throughout the whole year to wish you a happy birthday.

I was so tired of this situation last year, so this time I have enroled into a Digital Marketing course (which Googgle organized) which started today to avoid all this crap. I have had such a wonderful time in the course with the Google's staff today... It has also helped me to reach to some conclusions while I was scrolling through my smartphone looking at the messages:

- I don't care anymore about "friends" who only speak with me in my birthday

- I have to focus in the people who really care about me, because they are the only ones who are not letting you down. Furthermore, they were the first ones in wishing me a happy birthday and the only messages that I trully value is theirs.

- I love what I'm currently doing with my life.

Apart from that I have to say that this course is helping me a lot to organize the social media and other stuff related to this little corner of the internet. So I'm sure there will be some changes really soon. I have also decided not to erase the Things You See In... I do ART with this and I think it's good to share that art with you guys and girls (yes, a lot of girls follow the blog via Google+).

So nothing more to add, hope this post helps you to know a little bit more about me, something that I'm not very used to do.

Best regards, and till the next post!


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